The Salish Sea’s World Heritage

World Heritage deserves recognition and protection.

And that’s what we’re hoping to further with the efforts we’ll profile here.

In April 2017 we  submitted an application for formal recognition of the Salish Sea to Parks Canada, in cooperation with our partners at SeaLegacy and Wild Awake.

If successful the Salish Sea will go on Canada’s Tentative List, with a formal assessment and partnership process to follow. We’ll know in December with the Prime Mininster’s announcement of ten new sites.

We are building this website as a way to profile non-profit efforts for the Salish Sea, to help support Canada’s cultural and natural inheritance. And that includes work for a World Heritage Site designation for the Salish Sea.

And that includes the United States efforts for the Salish Sea too, the State of Washington enjoying some 40% or so of the total area – Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the Georgia Strait.

We’ll explore these partnerships, jurisdictional and governance matters as we delve further into the deeps and the human history that is the Salish Sea.

More to say on this …soon!

For now, you may wish to visit our Facebook page or our Facebook Group Page, both of which invite contributions and discussion on the Salish Sea. ( & (

Some 15000 individuals supported our April application for the Salish Sea World Heritage Site.  And we have been gaining momentum and interest in related cultural and natural protections ever since.

The gist of it is that, with world-class photographers as partners, as well as professionals, academics and government representatives lending their support, we expect great things in the near future.

As our skills and contacts grow so too will we generate interest and a positive approach,  encouraging health and sustainability measures for the Salish Sea.

Please feel free to join with us as we celebrate this unique inner ocean on the west coast of North America, home of the Coast Salish peoples since the ice age, shared with some 3000+ marine species.

The Salish Sea’s beauty and bounty, promise and potential, awaits us all!


Laurie Gourlay

Interim DIrector, Salish Sea Trust


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