Salish Sea World Heritage, House of Commons Petition E-1269


To The House of Commons in Parliament Assembled

WHEREAS the Salish Sea is an ecologically, economically, and culturally rich area which provides critical marine habitat, biodiversity and essential ecosystems that are of as much importance to nature as to the peoples, regions and nations which reside alongside this unique ocean environment;

and, WHEREAS Canada has promised to meet its international commitment, to honour the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by protecting 10% of our coastline by the year 2020;

and, WHEREAS there is a growing momentum and an increasing call to action bymany nations of the world to find ways to meet the challenges of climate change, to restore our oceans and to work in partnership with First Peoples everywhere;

and, WHEREAS the Prime Minister and Government of Canada has invitedapplications to be submitted for places exemplifying the outstanding universal values embraced by World Heritage Sites; including the historical, cultural and natural  landscapes and seascapes of significance that are the foundation of our country;

…We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to show leadership for coastal and marine protection initiatives by supporting the application for the Salish Sea’s Canadian waters to be added to our country’s Tentative List for consideration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


MP Rachel Blaney,  North Island—Powell River,                                        House of Commons, 613-943-2185


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